Injector Testing

We're equipped with an Asnu injector tester - another firmly established name in the field of ultrasonic cleaners and testers.

ATTENTION: It is not possible to clean diesel injectors or mechanics injectors!

Why test or clean injectors?
If an injector is leaking, has inadequate throughput or a poor spray pattern, the engine may not run well. It may even get damaged!
You can go out and by a new injector every time this happens, but that will cost you a lot of money. A cheaper alternative is to have your injectors tested and cleaned.

The injector test:
An injector test involves measuring the throughput as well as monitoring the spray pattern. Following  this, the injectors are ultrasonically cleaned, the injector's filters and O-rings are replaced and another test is performed. All of the data are carefully registered, so that we have a clear picture of the cleaning and the result.

Especially in tuning engines for car racing, it's important that both the throughput and the spray patterns of all the injectors are the same. The injector test is a simple way of adding a few HP.

What does it cost?
An injector test, including the replacement of O-rings and filters and an overview of test results, will cost you 25 euro incl. VAT per injector.

You can deliver and collect your injector yourself or send it by mail. If you opt for shipping by mail, remember there will be some shipping costs.

For grouping large numbers of injectors, please contact us about pricing.