Engine Management Systems

In addition to building engines, we're specialised  in installing  engine management systems, also known as "stand alone" systems, or Engine Control Units (ECUs).

At Duxe, we can help you with just about any management system, from KMS to Pectel - we know them all. Because of the high demands we place on the systems, we only work with the best in  their categories:

Basic Engine Management System:

  • Emerald: The big difference between this system and an original one is that this one is adjustable. Apart from that, the range of options is limited, but it does allow for controlling turbo engines.


Intermediate Range:

  • KMS MP 25
    The MP 25 is a basic management system for controlling fuel, ignition and various other outputs, and excellent for Lambda tuning. Complete and affordable.
  • KMS MD 35
    Similar to the MP 25, with additional Launch Control, Data Logging, Traction Control, Double Lambda for V8, Pit Lane Limiter, USB Interface, CAN connection and a waterproof alum. shell.
  • DTA S60 Pro
    The S60 is comparable to the MD 35, the biggest difference being that the S60 allows you to use your own sensors.
  • DTA S80/S100 Pro
    Similar to the S60 Pro, but also suitable for 8- and 10-cylinder engines (sequential) as well as for 12-cylinder Wasted Spark engines.


Premium Range:

  • Pectel: A high-quality management system offering every conceivable option and more (including Fly-by-wire).
    Pectel is the highest quality system on the market. It allows you to adjust and tune everything down to the smallest detail. Thanks to its strong processors, it offers high-speed processing of all the data and immediate feedback to the pilot - and it's all contained in a robust, light-weight waterproof casing.


Every system has its own characteristics and possibilities. Duxe promises quality and expertise. Feel free to email us with any questions you might have about the engine management system you have in mind.